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About Me.  It’s all about me.

Mike Turner is my name.  Not exactly the name I was given, but the one I go by.  Here I start to achieve my one clear goal – to take over the interwebs with useless thoughts & rambling insensitivities.

I have many thoughts on politics, sports, technology & history.  Perhaps I shall share them all with you.  This is place to find them.

I am a 3rd generation alumnus of Southern Illinois University, and proud to be a Saluki (B.A. Radio-Television 1989).  Go Dawgs!!!! I grew up in Herrin, Illinois and that is Cardinal country.  I’ve been a die-hard fan of the Redbirds since before I can remember.  My father would’ve thrown me in the street if I said I was a Cubs fan.  That being said, I follow the Denver Broncos in the NFL, because Bill Bidwell has always been a penny-pinching, incompetent jerk.  If I write Cardinals here, I mean BASEBALL.  St Louis Cardinals baseball.

Love My Cards

Which leads me to where I am now.  I live in beautiful Tucson, Arizona.  I moved here a scant 2 years after we kicked the aforementioned Mr Bidwell out of St Louis.  I take advantage of the scenic beauty and ample sunshine of the Sonoran Desert to get out in the great outdoors.  I’ve hiked many of the small “Sky Island” mountain ranges of Southern Arizona – and I shall hike some more.  Certainly pictures and stories from my adventures will show up here.

I am a father, an ex-husband, a bartender, a former DJ, and (some might say) raconteur.  I support the politics of need, not the politics of greed.  And I like to laugh – a lot.

You can find me twitter, Facebook & MySpace under the moniker  stimpy66.     The Ren & Stimpy Show

Au revoir

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