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What am I doing?

Sunday, 04July2010

I am simply sharing my rather skewed view of the events that affect me personally.  Be they political or cultural, humorous or deadly serious, personal or worldly I shan’t be hindered by targeting my audience to please advertisers (though I’m not so snarky as to shun revenue entirely).  I am enough of an egoist to believe that the world needs my voice on topics that interest me.  You will find a full supply of posts about sports – especially the St. Louis Cardinals, Southern Illinois Salukis, and Denver Broncos.  You will also find inflammatory comments about politics, earthly language and humor, and an elitist view from the top.

That being said, I am not your usual opinionated bastard.  NO!  This opinionated bastard is always looking for that viewpoint or fact that can turn my world upside down.  One cannot find the essence of the matter without input, introspection, nor continued study.  I encourage all comments.  Hateful speech is tolerated, but will be eviscerated without compunction for feelings or decorum.  But decorum is encouraged.

So peruse at your leisure and caution.  I hope you find it entertaining if not self-aggrandizing.

If nothing else, I hope you find this forum at least multisyllabic.

-stimpy66  (the name by which you can find me on twitter, Facebook, and most comment boards)


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